Sincere congratulations with laureate of All-Russian project ôEfficient personnel managementö award!



In Department of Affairs of the President of the Russian Federation within the framework of International forum ôEfficient personnel managementö, a solemn awarding ceremony of ôManager of the yearö national award was held on 19th of September, 2009. There was announced that Vera Ivanovna Nesterova, director of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics (Omsk) was awarded with honorable title of laureate of All-Russian project ôEfficient personnel managementö.

Candidates selection was carried out by Public consulting Committee, which made this decision taking into consideration directives and recommendations issued by federal and regional authorities, ministries and departments of Russian Federation and also by public institutions and associations.

Also Vera Ivanovna was invited to join Public consulting Committee and to become a member of jury of national award ôManager of the year-2010ö, which will be held in Moscow in September, 2010.


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