The Institute of Practical Psychophysics celebrates its 20th anniversary in April, 2010.



The Institute of Practical Psychophysics celebrates its 20th anniversary in April, 2010.

It was difficult, but brilliant, creative and innovative development which was overcome by personnel of the IPP, partners and users of our products. This group laid down the foundations of new tendency in medicine – information nanotechnologies, which generally change ideological approaches in healthcare sphere. Nowadays active introduction and application of information technologies is an integral part of any modern system of healthcare and social protection of population.

New type of medicine – medicine of health – is being formed. Prophylactic area of medicine becomes a priority. Disease is diagnosed and eliminated even before it is manifested, which allows a human to be active and healthy for many years. Main objective and underlying task of the Institute is longevity of a human.

Prominent achievement of the IPP is development of non-linear diagnostics method (NLS-diagnostics). NLS-diagnostics, based on bio-resonance technology, makes possible to evaluate grade, maturity and intensity of functional changes in patient’s organism during check-up. In majority of cases application of this technology is crucial for diagnosing and, correspondingly, for choosing of proper methods of treatment.

Thus, discovery of this technology became an important milestone in diagnostics medicine.

Using the idea of NLS-diagnostics and having studies of academician Svyatoslav Pavlovich Nesterov, who invented trigger sensor, which underlies design, as a basis of further work, the Institute began developing of NLS-diagnostics systems in the late 80’s of last century.

Today the Institute of Practical Psychophysics deals with design, development, manufacturing, sales and servicing of hardware-software bio-resonance diagnostics systems. Thereby all life-cycle of products is concentrated in one place.

All scientific developments of the IPP have applied character. Practical application of a technology always allows to judge about accuracy of diagnostics and need for it in medicine. It is proven by numerous awards of the IPP received at international medical workshops, awarding of director of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics Vera Ivanovna Nesterova with “Honored Citizen of Russia” title for weighty contribution into development of country’s economy and innovative steps in medicine by All-Russian committee on public awards. Products manufactured by the Institute – hardware-software system “Metatron” – have both Russian and international certificates for medical equipment:

- Federal department of healthcare and social development supervision issued to the Institute of Practical Psychophysics Registration certificate No. FS 022a2005/2221-05 from 19th of August, 2005, and approved medical technology “Method of screening diagnostics with hardware-software system “Metatron” No. FS-2006/382 from 29th of December, 2006.

- The Institute of Practical Psychophysics successfully completed certification audit (registration number is 210609 from 15.03.2007) proving compliance with requirements of ISO 9001:2000 for design, development, manufacturing, sales and servicing of bio-resonance diagnostics devices by Bureau Veritas Certification (BVQI) certification body with accreditation in UKAS (GREAT BRITAIN), ANAB (USA), DAR (GERMANY): accreditation in 31 countries, including Japan and countries of Southeastern Asia, Canada.

- In August 2007 the IPP successfully completed certification audit by TUV Rheinland Group for compliance with requirements of international standard ISO 13485:2003, medical directive 93/42/EEC MDD Annex V and European Union regulations – CE.


In allows to introduce HSS “Metatron” both in Russia and in foreign countries.

Products of the IPP are presented in 34 countries of the world – from Argentina to Japan.

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics has official representatives in majority of European countries and in countries of South America and Southeastern Asia: England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Romania, Argentina, Chili, Columbia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Taiwan, Japan and many others.

Potential of this system is enormous. Objectives set by main inventor of this technology academician V.I. Nesterov, may be fulfilled by talented, creative, experienced, knowing and professional staff only. On these joyful days we will celebrate and award with personal orders persons who endured whole this way innovation and introduction of this technology into practice and still continue to develop it.

Vladimir Igorevich Nesterov will celebrate his 55th anniversary on 12ve of April. 20 years of his creative life was given to development of NLS-technologies, and thanks, in many respects, to persistence of academician V.I. Nesterov, his selflessness, dedication to his work, talent – this area of medicine was founded, improves and introduced into medical practice. For outstanding achievements in development of Russian medical science, for development of non-linear diagnostics (NLS) technology academician Vladimir Nesterov was awarded by RANS with silver medal of Academy “For development of medicine and healthcare”; for creation of “Metatron” system International academy of scientific discoveries’ authors awarded him with medal of A.S. Popov.

Vladimir Igorevich has many creative plans and our employees, i.e. all people participating in forming of this technology, are ready to make them come true.

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics continues to improve the technology and it is innovator and initiator of all new directions of development, which differ our company from all the rest so-called “manufacturers” of such equipment.

Diagnostics methods improve so quickly that versions of systems are updated every six months. With introduction of new systems with digital trigger sensors NLS-diagnostics becomes not only faster, but qualitative different. In near future we plan to manufacture diagnostics system “TorDi” – system of torsion and telemedicine monitoring; to introduce "Metapathia GR Clinical” software which uses multidimensional pictures of anatomic structures, function of specific biological tissue selecting – “additional dimension” and with simultaneous visualization of bones, soft tissues and vessels.

We plan to hold anniversary international theoretical and practical conference (Prague) in September, consecrated to 20th anniversary of the IPP, to share our experience, discuss theoretical and practical achievements in NLS-technologies and new trends in its development.

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