The Institute of Practical Psychophysics warns you that number of forged HSS Oberon and Metatron systems sales  has increased recently; these systems are presented as if they were developed by the IPP (Omsk) and are sold on its behalf with fake accompanying documents and warrants both in Europe and Asia.


We would like to explain that promotion, sales and trainings may be legally and officially carried out by authorized representatives only which are listed on main page of website.


The IPP is not responsible for quality of products which are sold by anyone except authorized  representatives of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics.

HSS Metatron has original design patented as industrial model both in Russia and Europe. There are number of distinctive features of HSS Metatron developed and manufactured by the Institute of Practical Psychophysics which can help you to ascertain the genuineness of offered HSS:

1.       Original and patented design of magnetic inductors.



2.       Original and patented metal case manufactured by certified producer of medical spare parts specially for the IPP.




3.       Labeling of all HSS elements approved by TÜV Rheinland certification body.

4.       Hologram sticker on side panel of case.

5.       Serial number of system shown on back panel of case, magnetic inductors and software CD.

If you have any questions regarding the genuineness of offered product please call us:

In Omsk- +7-3812-36-45-26, e-mail:

In Moscow +7-985-211-13-84

Or European representative office in Prague: +420 774 415 165, Fax.: +420 223 008 112, e-mail:



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