Vera Nesterova


Institute of Practical Psychophysics notifies, that transfer from BSI Group Deutschland GmbH certification body, Eastgate, Hanauer Landstrasse 115, 60314 Frankfurt, Germany,

Identification number 0535,

to BSI certification body, address: Kitemark Court, Davy Avenue, Knowhill, Milton Keynes MK5 8PP United Kingdom,

Identification number 0086,

was fulfilled on 30.03.2016.



Best regards,

Vera Nesterova

Director of IPP




Dear colleagues!


On 26th – 27th of October, 2009, the Institute of Practical Psychophysics – the only Russian manufacturer of medical devices certified by MEEI certification body (a member of TUV Rheinland) – successfully completed the second surveillance audit.


Certificate No. Ě28 2892059 from 21.02.2008 according to requirements of ISO 13485:2003 and Certificate of compliance to European medical directive MDD 93/42/EEC

No.Ě26 2892077 01 from 21.02.2008 are considered to be valid.



Best regards,

Vera Nesterova

Director of the IPP





The certificate confirming identity of HSS “Oberon” to hardware-software system “Metatron” issued on 30th of January, 2006, by the Institute of Practical Psychophysics, LLC, was valid until 31st of December, 2007 – during switching of hardware-software systems manufacturing from “Oberon” model to “Metatron” model.


Vera Nesterova

Director of the IPP


August 03, 2009


Taking account of your needs the Institute of Practical Psychophysics notifies you that we have established a new EU company in order to deliver HSS “Metatron” to you more quickly.


Due to this fact you shall re-arrange supply agreements with this company. Essential elements in EU: “Institute of Practical Psychophysics-Europe s.r.o”,

Address: Czech republic, The city of Prague 5, Smichov, On Zatlance 1908/4,  p/I 1503 IN 28546156

Director: Mr. Nesterov Igor



Later we will send you additional details – phone number and website.


Also we notify you that AGREEMENT ON INTERESTS REPRESENTATION (delegation of some part of Manufacturer's powers) of 20/11/2008  with company  Recht in Russland, privately owned enterprise, owner Natalia Sultanova, LL.M Tax-peyer-number DE 22/651/12377 Address: Beckstr. 18, 20357 Hamburg, Deutschland E-mail: is terminated and new one is signed AGREEMENT ON INTERESTS REPRESENTATION (delegation of some part of Manufacturer's powers) of 17/04/2009 with  company «Institute of Practical Psychophysics-Europe s.r.o.“ being the legal entity under the laws of Czech Republic  located at « The city of Prague 5,  Smichov, On Zatlance 1908/4, p/I 1503 IN 28546156», in the person of  Nesterov Igor.


Best regards,


Vera Nesterova

Director of the IPP




Dear colleagues!

We offer you to take part in work of a scientific forum. Objective of the forum is to carry out efficient scientific researches in NLS-diagnostics sphere. It will be an introduction of a new ideology which will replace old methods in public healthcare sphere. Communication by means of this forum will let us know more about latest achievements and new tendencies in informational technologies.

Your experience of work with HSS “Metatron” is very important for us and it will enrich knowledge and understanding of this technology. It will give a plenty of interesting information for all participants and promote further development and introduction of NLS-diagnostics into clinical practice. Main target of the IPP’s work in this year – is a scientific and research studies on further development of the technology, carrying out of new clinical trials on the basis of Moscow hospitals together with department of the Institute of Medical and Social Rehabilitology (Moscow).

We will keep you informed about results of this scientific cooperation.

Also we will be glad to know results of your scientific developments and your offers regarding our forum.

I wish you every success in our cooperation!

Best regards,

Vera Nesterova
Director of the IPP




Anticrisis program of the IPP  


Dear Partners!


After careful study of your offers regarding pricing policy, growing tendencies of worldwide crisis and in order to increase competitive abilities of our products, the Institute of Practical Psychophysics offers you a new price list for HSS “Metatron” within anticrisis program introduced by the IPP for the next six months.


Please address all your questions regarding purchasing of systems to regional dealers.



Best regards,

Vera Nesterova

Director of the IPP




Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Due to various existing interpretations of tense situation between our company and Metavital GmbH (Hamburg, Germany), we believe it would be necessary to give the following explanation:
In 2004 – 2006 abovementioned company was our partner dealing with sales of the IPP’s products. In the beginning our cooperation was so successful that in 2005 we granted to this company an exclusive right to distribute our products of obsolete generation (our system “Oberon”). However, cooperation with this company unfortunately appeared to be less constructive than we expected and as a result we terminated all business relations with them. Metavital GmbH acknowledged termination of contracts signed in 2006, but for unknown for us reasons disagreed with termination of a contract signed in 2004. We believe that cancellation of all contracts was valid.

In spite of cancellation and related public announcements and notifications made by management of the IPP LLC, Metavital GmbH affirms that they are still our partners. Validity of these statements is being checked during court examination now. In any case the IPP does not transfer to this company any know-hows or products. We do not know whether Metavital GmbH further develops our technologies independently. Hereby with all due responsibility we would like to oppose to impression that our company supports in any way Metavital GmbH or that our company grants them results of our latest developments which can be used for manufacturing of their products. As an answer to many requests we state that we cannot evaluate degree of technical perfection that company’s products. If you have a diagnostic device manufactured by Metavital GmbH you may address us and we will give you description of possible differences between our and their products. 

Besides, Metavital GmbH declares that they were granted with extended rights for manufacturing of devices and unlimited use of our software. In our opinion it does not represents the facts. At the moment this statement shall be enough for understanding of the situation. 

To a certain moment we even were ready to recommence business relations with Metavital GmbH, however despite of our efforts we faced a facile readiness and attitude of our ex-partner. Moreover, as it recently became known for us this company through one of our trade agents purchased our system with related software “Metapathia GR Hunter” and duplicated it without our consent and sells it as their own “latest development”, so we finally had to resort to the help of lawyers. 

In our opinion it is very sad that personal interests and strive for quick and short term enrichment are placed above serious cooperation and successful joint work. We believe that all enthusiasts working with non-linear diagnostic method or interested people should work in close cooperation in order to popularize and develop this technology for the sake of medicine. 

Management of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics, LLC


Head Office of the IPP (Omsk, Russia): +7 (3812) 36-45-26 +7 9043211591 (engl.)

Office of the Moscow branch of the IPP:
+ 7 985 211-13-84

Sales Representative: Torsion Meditronix Ltd

Institute of Practical Psychophysics-Europe s.r.o:
Karla Englise 320/6 Smichov
150 00 Praha
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