Minimal system requirements for “Metatron” computer choosing

Minimal system requirements and recommendations for “Metatron”

hardware-software system computer choosing.


Operating system: Windows XP/ Vista / Windows 7/ Windows 8

Processor: at least 1, 5 GHz


HDD: 60 GB


At least 3 USB slots


For reliable work of “Metatron” hardware-software system it is preferable to use notebooks of the following manufacturers: Sony, Samsung and Asus.


Normal HSS operation is possible while using notebooks of other brands but we do not give you any guarantees that you will not encounter hardware failures during operation. According to the statistics of users’ complaints to our technical support 80% of cases happened because of notebook hardware conflict. The brands we recommend for using were never mentioned during the history of complaints which gives us the right to advice them for reliable work with “Metatron” hardware-software system.


In case of other brands notebooks using in work with HSS we are not responsible for any faults of the device operation.


We do not give any recommendations in choosing of desktop computer. But if you plan to have practice in permanent establishments you should have desktop instead of notebook.

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