At all times many tried to find a formula of eternal youth. In attempt to prolong life they recommended a transfusion of young blood, injection of sex hormones, transplantation of ovaries and testicles taken from animals. Alchemists of the Middle Ages sought for elixir of immortality, Chinese Taoists tried to find miraculous elixir inside themselves. Ancient Greeks took milk baths. Some of ancient Romans in order to prolong their lives drank from a floor blood of young gladiators slain in fights. Many people died trying to find elixir of immortality. But even now in laboratories all around the world scientists continue to look for possible ways of life prolongation.

     The most spread theory of aging is a theory of free radicals. It was suggested by Dr. Harman back in 1954. The basic idea of this theory is that produced during metabolism active forms of oxygen free radicals may damage genetic system of cells. This damage is accumulated with age. The older we get the more damaged cells we have. Our bodies look differently and their functioning worsens. Human organism becomes enfeebled; wrinkles and senile spots appear on skin. Radiation, toxins, carcinogens, stresses and other factors may increase a number of free radicals. In addition enzymes some kind of instrumentset for cell damages elimination are not produced quantum satis by cells which are formed in old age.

     All components of living cell including chromosomes and DNA molecules are targets for free radicals. But all the time the same specific parts of DNA molecules are damaged. If we try to restore integrity of these DNA parts it will become possible not only to stop process of ageing but to reverse our biological clock.

     Based on this idea scientists of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics have developed a method of DNA repairing. It presupposes both elimination of errors in reproducible DNA during stem cell division and restoration of damaged by free radicals DNA molecule of body cells.

     This method of errors elimination in DNA molecule developed by the IPP was called a method of genome wave correction.

     As a result of researches carried out in the Institute of Practical Psychophysics it became clear that DNA molecules, just like lasers, can generate coherent torsion field with re-adjustable wave length. At the same time they function as receiving antenna. These properties of DNA provide exchange of genetic information in an organism. In normal non-damaged condition every cell is precisely adjusted to virtual wave part of its DNA, receiving virtual objectives and, trying to fulfill them, carry out its main functions: produces specific enzymes and hormones.

     Any damage to a cell may be represented as a disorder of harmonic synchronization in biological object. Such disorder may be caused by various sources (radiation, toxins, carcinogens, stresses) which in their turn may be represented as disharmonizing oscillations creating blocks (noises) and preventing normal functioning of biological object. The easiest way to eliminate these effects is to use wave oscillations with negative values so the algebraic sum of disharmonizing and inverted oscillations become equal to zero. According to these conclusions Dr. F. Morell together with electronics engineer E. Rasche created a method and device called MoRa back in 70s of last century.

     Method of informational wave correction (Meta-correction) developed by scientists of the IPP is a further development of MoRa method in restoration of organs, tissues and organisms cells functioning in case of disorders.

     Meta-correction method represents influence to tissues and cell structures by combination of various modulated oscillations of torsion fields radiated by torsion generator.

     The main problem of torsion fields influence to a cell ultra-structure and DNA helix is to find an extremely precise instrument which, similar to laser, may influence DNA molecule structure with diameter less than 2 nanometers. For the last ten years the Institute of Practical Psychophysics had been developing such equipment able to restore DNA helix structure by wave method. Creation of this unique instrument became possible only after super-high-frequency torsion generators with frequency of 40GHz were developed. Because in accordance with laws of physics the higher generation frequency of field is - the lesser ultra-structures of cells and DNA molecules can be influenced.

      Thus using this precise instrument we may cardinally change all processes in a cell and, finally, we may eliminate DNA damages caused by free radicals in other words to stop process of ageing.

      No one ever did something like this. We acquired an instrument of influence to a cell with fantastic possibilities.

      A scientist of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics Andrey Schmidt works with simple biological models with small lifetime. Drosophilaes lifetime increased 5 times on average after series of corrective wave influence. As a result of genome wave correction he managed to increase lifetime of nematode worms in 7-10 times.

     Process of ageing is the reason and latent stage of many diseases.

     Billions of dollars are spent to find a medication against senile diseases: Alzheimer's dementia, arthritis, pancreatic diabetes and of course oncologic diseases. It is a mistake to try to find treatment method for each illness. Senile diseases are caused by one reason general enfeeblement of an organism. If we solve problem of ageing there will be no need in treatment of senile diseases.


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08-07-2015 14:33:54 Cristina Jose

Very well said, I believe it will happen in real time with the way technology is going.
If free radicals are found damaging, the NLS will be a great possibility to destroy this. Then, aging can be reversed and so senile problem.
Thank you so much for the continued research and on going development.
I am only a reader but new in the field of natural science. Not a logical person but very much open to realities on phenomenon.
I wish to have the opportunity to learn the NLS system diagnostic tool as well as to practically use the machine to future client in my clinical practice. But I am not fortunate yet to get this machine.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to express my opinion.
More success to the endeavour of Institute of Psychophysics.

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