The disease itself is not only physical problem, but problem of the whole personality of a human, which consists not only of his body, but also of his mind and emotions. Emotional and intellectual conditions play significant role both in  susceptibility to all diseases, including cancer, and in ability to get rid of them.
    Often cancer may be regarded as evidence that somewhere in life of a human there were unsolved problems, which became stronger and more complex due to series of stress situations during period from six to eighteen months before cancer appears.
    Typical reaction of cancer patient to such problems and stress situations is a sensation of own helplessness and refusal to fight against them. Probably this emotional reaction activates a number of physiological processes suppressing natural protection mechanisms of an organism and creates conditions favorable for production of atypical calls.    

     There is so close connection between  stress and development of a disease that sometimes it is possible to foresee course of persons disease by evaluation of his emotional stress.
     Even in 20's of the last  century  Hans Selye had carried out in University of Prague experiments which proved that emotions may be a reason of disease. After patients suffered strong emotional shock, not only complications of diseases usually related to emotional impacts (ulcer, high arterial pressure, heart aches and headaches) were registered, but also patients susceptibility to infections,  radiation-damage  even accidents  susceptibility were registered in those patients.
     Even positive emotional experience may cause  need of self-analysis or to re-open some unsolved emotional conflicts. The whole point is that any changes both negative and positive force a person to accommodate with them individually and this process may be identified by means of vibrational medicine. The main thing is how a person bears this stress or emotion, i.e. his personal tolerance.
     When analyzing reasons leading from emotional stress to diseases, one should bear in mind importance of personal reaction to a stress.
     Selye found out that chronic stress suppresses immune system which is responsible for neutralization of cancer cells and microorganisms hostile to human organism. 
     Cycle of oncological diseases development may be turned in opposite direction. Those mechanisms promoting transformation of emotions and feelings into specific physical conditions favorable to development of cancer may be also used to restore good health condition.
     Limbic system registers newly appeared sensation of hope and belief in the same way as it had registered despair and hopelessness before. As soon as limbic system detects these feelings it sends to hypothalamus a signal about changes in emotional condition. In its own turn hypothalamus transfers this signal about changes to hypophysis.
     Hypothalamus activates immune system, which had been suppressed before, and protective mechanisms of a human begin to resist atypical cells again. Hypophysis restores hormonal balance of an organism and it leads to  discontinuance of atypical cells reproduction.
    Nowadays traditional methods of treatment cooperate with patients organism in destruction of already reproduced atypical cells, but psychological intervention may reverse whole cycle of disease development and force an organism to work on increasing of its resistance to disease and decreasing of cancer cells reproduction.

     Pathogenesis of psychosomatic, vegetative reactions in an organism is carried out according to the following scheme: mental disorders, vegetative, endocrine, immune and somatic disorders.
     In general psychosomatic pathology is manifested by symptoms and syndromes of neurotic disorders, vegetative disorders, somatic disorders and  sleep disturbance. This indefiniteness of etiology and variability of pathogenesis and clinical picture force therapists to use functional diagnostics methods, including bio-resonance diagnostic systems, more often.
     For the last decades in majority of European countries  (Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland, Greece and France) together with psychotherapeutic methods, homeopathic preparations and psychoemotional flower remedies are used to correct and treat psychosomatic diseases more and more often.
     Our thoughts and feelings  are manifestations of specific types of energy, that is why before we achieve true progress in medicine and psychology we have to learn to interpret our emotional disorders as disharmonic fluctuations of energy balance affecting fine anatomy even at physical level. Once we realize that these disorders happen due to imbalance of fine fields system, we will be able to use natural resources of fine energies to correct them.
     Homeopathic preparations, flower remedies, crystals and energy of color influence fine fields of human organism and thus deliver it from stresses and diseases. Therapists heal only physical manifestations, not paying attention to emotional, mental and bio-energetic disorders, which precede appearance of pathology at physical level.
     Future experts in vibrational medicine will be able to deal with emotional and vegetative disorders, which sooner or later manifest themselves at physical level in form of pathology. These experts will be able to prevent disease and explain their patients how they should change their lifestyle to restore harmony, how to arrange diet, to exercise, to control their emotions, to withdraw stress and to meditate.
     Differences in healthcare experts approaches to treatment may be explained, first of all, how these therapists interpret health itself. Representatives of traditional medicine set their objectives to bring patients to neutral condition, but practice of vibrational and holistic medicine goes further and tries to achieve more stable results. They strive to use individual approach to treatment of every patient, to achieve not only complete restoration of good health condition, but to stabilize condition of an organism in the way to eliminate risk of a disease development in the future.

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