We offer you to take part in work of a scientific forum. Objective of the forum is to carry out efficient scientific researches in NLS-diagnostics sphere. It will be an introduction of a new ideology which will replace old methods in public healthcare sphere. Communication by means of this forum will let us know more about latest achievements and new tendencies in informational technologies.

Your experience of work with HSS Metatron is very important for us and it will enrich knowledge and understanding of this technology. It will give a plenty of interesting information for all participants and promote further development and introduction of NLS-diagnostics into clinical practice. Main target of the IPPs work in this year is a scientific and research studies on further development of the technology, carrying out of new clinical trials on the basis of Moscow hospitals together with department of the Institute of Medical and Social Rehabilitology (Moscow).


We will keep you informed about results of this scientific cooperation.

Also we will be glad to know results of your scientific developments and your offers regarding our forum.


I wish you every success in our cooperation!


Best regards,
Vera Nesterova
Director of the IPP 

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