We offer you to take part in work of a scientific forum. Objective of the forum is to carry out efficient scientific researches in NLS-diagnostics sphere. It will be an introduction of a new ideology which will replace old methods in public healthcare sphere. Communication by means of this forum will let us know more about latest achievements and new tendencies in informational technologies.

Your experience of work with HSS “Metatron” is very important for us and it will enrich knowledge and understanding of this technology. It will give a plenty of interesting information for all participants and promote further development and introduction of NLS-diagnostics into clinical practice. Main target of the IPP’s work in this year – is a scientific and research studies on further development of the technology, carrying out of new clinical trials on the basis of Moscow hospitals together with department of the Institute of Medical and Social Rehabilitology (Moscow).


We will keep you informed about results of this scientific cooperation.

Also we will be glad to know results of your scientific developments and your offers regarding our forum.


I wish you every success in our cooperation!


Best regards,
Vera Nesterova
Director of the IPP 

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     At all times many tried to find a formula of eternal youth. In attempt to prolong life they recommended a transfusion of “young” blood, injection of sex hormones, transplantation of ovaries and testicles taken from animals. Alchemists of the Middle Ages sought for elixir of immortality, Chinese Taoists tried to find miraculous elixir inside themselves. Ancient Greeks took milk baths. Some of ancient Romans in order to prolong their lives drank from a floor blood of young gladiators slain in fights. Many people died trying to find elixir of immortality. But even now in laboratories all around the world scientists continue to look for possible ways of life prolongation.

     The most spread theory of aging is a theory of free radicals. It was suggested by Dr. Harman back in 1954. The basic idea of this theory is that produced during metabolism active forms of oxygen – free radicals – may damage genetic system of cells. This damage is accumulated with age. The older we get the more damaged cells we have. Our bodies look differently and their functioning worsens. Human organism becomes enfeebled; wrinkles and senile spots appear on skin. Radiation, toxins, carcinogens, stresses and other factors may increase a number of free radicals. In addition enzymes – some kind of instrumentset for cell damages elimination – are not produced quantum satis by cells which are formed in old age.

     All components of living cell including chromosomes and DNA molecules are targets for free radicals. But all the time the same specific parts of DNA molecules are damaged. If we try to restore integrity of these DNA parts it will become possible not only to stop process of ageing but to reverse our biological clock.

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     The disease itself is not only physical problem, but problem of the whole personality of a human, which consists not only of his body, but also of his mind and emotions. Emotional and intellectual conditions play significant role both in  susceptibility to all diseases, including cancer, and in ability to get rid of them.
    Often cancer may be regarded as evidence that somewhere in life of a human there were unsolved problems, which became stronger and more complex due to series of stress situations during period from six to eighteen months before cancer appears.
    Typical reaction of cancer patient to such problems and stress situations is a sensation of own helplessness and refusal to fight against them. Probably this emotional reaction activates a number of physiological processes suppressing natural protection mechanisms of an organism and creates conditions favorable for production of atypical calls.    

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Dr. M.Gheorghiu, Dr. T.Trandafir


The cells from a tissue have the capacity of emitting bio-fields, with the same physical characteristics.  They resonate with great ease, thus a tissue or a functional organ is characterized through the synchronicity of its cells.  They can enter into resonance with any other interior or exterior field, if their physical dimensions are compatible. These fields are malleable, hence their preservation and edification participates mostly to the dipole water molecules.  The limits of variability are thus not great.

Water molecules constitutes the essential elements in the edification and malleability of the cellular bio-field.  These molecules are structural, yet their alteration in any way leads to the death of the cellular system, as a group “with a single element” from the crowd theory. Through the influence of the bio-fields, water molecules can form spatial structures, which are engrams of the principle bio-field.  Water can form as many engrams as fields that exist in the universe.

Isolated and photographed water crystals by Japanese researchers leave no doubt in this sense.  A similar structure acts as a liquid crystal containing the information and the vehicle of information.  The information contained in a water crystal can be “read” by any structure that possesses the capacity of recreating the initial generator field.  The decoding is a resonance process, while the resonator can be placed at a distance of the codifier.

The capacity of generating fields is general, but certain cells, such as neurons, possess a “high specialization”.

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