I am interested in purchasing a NLS device. I have looked through
your website and of a competitor of your, Sensitiv Imago. I would like
you to provide me with a comparison of your product to
theirs. What does your machine give me tobe able to treat my patients better than the Sensitiv Imago. Forget the who was first cliche Who is best, and why. Convince me of this and I will buy your product.

Dear colleague,

To tell the truth, you have placed me in an awkward position with your letter. It was just like someone asked manufacturers of Bentley cars to prove why their cars are better than, for example, Smart cars. He would seriously perplex them. Same steering-wheel, same four wheels. The advantages are not that convincing. But all more or less educated people know that Smart cars cannot be even compared to Bentley – it is obvious and does not require any proofs.

In our case the differences are even more striking. For example allow me to bring some historic facts. During World War 2 US Air Force had to build airfields for their bombers on Melanesia islands, previously not visited by Europeans. Aborigines who lived there saw planes flying like birds for the first time. After the end of the War, when Americans left these islands, locals started to build planes of locally available materials – shit and sticks. Occasionally a chief of a tribe climbed up this plane, puffed and sweated trying to take off.

In the end here is what I’m trying to tell you.
Sensitiv Imago devices (like many other similar devices) compared to our developments is just like shit and sticks planes compared to Boeing-787. And I believe that not only I can put my name down for it, but dozens of our users who work with our systems and previously had bad luck to purchase shit and sticks devices.

Madam, be wise and don’t step on the same rake twice!

Probably, after everything that was said, someone will hurry over to blame us for unfair competition, but I want you to understand one simple thing. We have no competitors! We are surrounded by a swarm of arrogant and cynical swindlers – unpeople who parasite on health problems of naive and trusting individuals!

Best regards,
Vladimir Nesterov
President of International Academy of non-linear diagnostic systems,
Full member of Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences.

Question developer HSS "Metatron" - Vladimir Igorevich Nesterov.
What is fundamentally different from your machine a large number of such diagnostic devices?

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics was the first enterprise in the world which independently developed and organized production and sales of NLS-diagnostic devices, and “Metatron” system is the latest and the most advanced of them.
The term “NLS-diagnostics” was introduced by academician Vladimir Nesterov. Creation of the system was preceded by years long (more than 20 years) work of the IPP’s employees. NLS-diagnostics method created by the IPP has distinct advantages over other methods of medical visualization, such as NMR, CT and ultrasound, because the latter can detect already formed pathological process, when NLS-method can detect early pre-clinical manifestations of any disease.
All this made NLS-diagnostic method very popular among therapists. And at the same time, taking into consideration high popularity of this method, numerous clones produced by dishonest manufacturers, who claimed that their systems have the same unique features as “Metatron” system has, have appeared. All over the world a lot of such fakes with various names have appeared: Diacom, AURUM, Sesitive-Imago, Intraspect, Physiospect, Vector, Biolaz-Oberon and dozens other names.
The IPP together with the International Academy of non-linear diagnostic systems took the initiative to carry out an independent quality expertise of several samples of these products. Result of expert evaluation of all provided products is more than clear: it were non-functional devices only imitating diagnostic check-up. No wonder why no manufacturer of such products decided to certify its product as a medical device.

Differing from other “devices” hardware-software system “Metatron” has passed extended clinical trials and got Russian, European and American medical certificates::
- Hardware-software system “Metatron” is introduced into state register of medical equipment (Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare and Social Development issued to the Institute of Practical Psychophysics a Registration certificate No. FS022ŕ2005/2221-05 from August 19, 2005 and approved a medical technology “Method of screening diagnostics with use of hardware-software system “Metatron” No. FS-2006/382 from December 29, 2006.)
- The Institute of Practical Psychophysics has received a certificate of compliance (registration number – 210609 from 15.03.2007) to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 international standards as the developing, design, manufacturing, sales and servicing organization of bio-resonance diagnostic systems. The certification was carried out by BUREAU VERITAS Certification (BVQI) with
accreditation in UKAS (UK), ANAB (USA) and DAR (GERMANY), it is valid in 31 country including Japan, Southeast Asia and Canada.
- In 2007 the IPP successfully completed a procedure of certification according to requirements of international standard ISO 13485:2003, medical directive 93/42/EEC MDD Annex V in TUV Rheinland Group and CE certification.
- In 2012 the IPP has successfully completed a re-certification for compliance with EN ISO 13485:2010 "Medical devices - Quality management systems - System requirements for regulatory purposes" standard and Medical Device Directive 93/42/ĹĹŃ requirements in BSI (British Standards Institution) certifying authority.

The IPP constantly improve a quality of diagnostic features of manufactured systems. Recently created methods of 3D visualization of NLS images increased greatly efficiency and accuracy of acquired results.

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